Friday, January 28, 2011

Irig update

Ive had the pleasure of playing around with the Irig unit and the free amplitube app. and I do believe this is not a load of garbage. under the correct circumstances I do believe the muse of creative juices could flow. With a little app. purchace one could put together a cute little recording device for there Iphone although This would truly kick some A using an Ipad. I threw together a recording without thought for this post, just to show where the sonic realm of this sh*t can go. with a little thought and the purchase of unlocking the four track recorder one could have a lotta fun.

Sound clip using my iphone (Not possible a few years back).

A few of draw backs that I found were that if you plug your unit in to a computer there is a lot of of line interference, so keep it unplugged and use the iphone battery. Irig really blows for acoustic stuff, you have to crank every thing up and you get a lotta noise. Maybe if you upgrade to a better app., but the free app blows for stuff that does not have some overdrive behind it, and to end my nonsense I will complete my complaining by saying the reverb is really lame so use it very carefully.