Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Crystal Ballroom

Last Friday I was Lucky enough to check out one of my favorite bands at the Crystal Ballroom. This was my first time to visit the Crystal, I was fascinated by the history that seemed to drip from the aged walls. The show was well worth the 45 minute wait outside in the close to freezing temperature. The venue suffered from being geared at making as much money as possible from the patrons. The drinks were small portioned and expensive. Ten bucks for a warm Red Bull and a shot of well whiskey. Luckily the Wife and I chowed some Chinese food before we arrived. The show sold out but remained uncrowded during the first 2 bands The first act: Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears put on a sweet show- very entertaining mix of Fender guitars and a tasteful horn section crossed with some soul and blues that kept the growing crowd alive. The second Act only performed two songs featuring Anya Marina singing with a charmed voice accompanied with her gold Stratocaster. She had a tough spot to fill after the energized first act, but she held steady as she sang. One of the songs "Satellite Heart" is on the New Moon soundtrack. As the roadies set up the stage for the final act Spoon, the crystal filled up and got pretty cramped. Ive been looking forward to seeing Spoon for years now so when they finally hit the stage sometime after 9:30 I went into a very peaceful rock and roll state of mind. They put on a show that was much better than I imagined they would put on. They sounded incredible, and performed there tunes perfect even with numerous broken strings. For some unknown reason the band filmed this show, so video cameras were here and there catching the band and the sardined audience. I walked away from the show very pleased. I will be very eager to see them again. hopefully at another venue, as the Crystal is a great place just a little to cool for my liking.