Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Jam is Gone

This Thanksgiving had the family over for food at the new house and hit the record button for one of the in-law's. Ray Walls was happy to share his song that he has been working on, called: "The Jam is Gone". I hope to do some more work with him in the future as I believe he has developed a wonderful acoustic sound. Check it out

Saturday, October 09, 2010

A new Start

Getting CLOSER

Studio is almost finished, recorded a test today. Sounds like it will work

Pop Quiz MP3

UNEARTHED for what????

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Miracle Theatre Group

Explorations of Portland theaters led the wife and I out on the S.E. area of town for an evening of drama on the small stage of the Miracle Theater. We enjoyed HOW THE GARCIA GIRLS LOST THERE ACCENTS. I enjoyed the plays symbolism that was taken to a tasteful point and then left for the viewer to take it further, The small cast was uplifting, and put on a brilliant sold out

Sunday, March 21, 2010

My new friends

I have a couple of friends that have been by my side recently, so I thought it would be kind to introduce them .
This first jewel has grown on me quickly. I'm told its a 1965, the serial numbers place it correctly although the actual year that it was manufactured has faded unreadable. It is a surviving US made Harmony Monterey arch-top #950. Picked it up on craigslist, it didn't take much to set it up. installed new strings and a new rosewood pick-guard (the original was missing, they were made of one-ply plastic that sported a art deco style M for the monterey line.) This guitar has a very subtle tone that I have come to really enjoy. I am in the process of building a couple transducer pickups to install under the bridge had them taped to the body last night and every thing sounded sweet as Chicago.

My second association comes from Brazil, a very worn student classical that was manufactured by a company called Giannini. I did some online research and found some pdf. catalogs from the 60's and 70's , with what info I gathered I would place this from the 80's. The varnish is cracking all over giving it a patina that shows years of neglect. I found this in the toy section at the Goodwill, it was missing 3 strings and one of the strings was off a steel string. There amongst slobbering children I picked it up and strummed this out of tune forgotten instrument. I was blown away by its sound. I paid $17.00 and brought it home where I put it in the closet for well over a year. This winter I pulled it out and replaced the tuners, did what I could to clean up the varnished surface, gave her some new strings, and have come to enjoy its sound. I leave this one in the stairwell in our house and I enjoy sitting on the steps playing with the nice natural stairwell re-verb.

Friday, February 26, 2010


some people they don't know
could they believe
it takes a little work
to get it in a zig zag abode
foxp2 wishes to finish the book
a little fiction
a little lit
how about some wine and poetry
the ocean and sweet rhythm and blues
I am a fossil to be remembered
culture will survive this thinning skin
now youth needs 1000 years
live babe live
like a wig in a smiled white shirt
quick love
a laugh
the next line mixed up in your tight air
moth on the lit wall
fly in a cats morning love mind
talk in your sleep
jug a postage package
push on push on
piss a door shut
my awkward button tries to be tonight
find your space where you want it
bring that over here
like a trumpet
in a grip of a glass against this lost southern muse
mister this is my worn hat on voyage
shake my bent hand
it is in the taste of the grape
i see every desk is a mess for greed
share a mind of short skirt empty hand rock and roll
white leg your a lion with a Innocent lite
swirl your husband hair
every corner creeps with crime
maybe rubber will burn us away
fuck i need some static
cmon think about it
check out this lost radio
black church distorted revival swirl
shake a bristle in lost colors
this town wants to eat your stormy weather
pull a haircut cable blue
birds will not stay
ride a black polka dot on yellow cartoon
for yesterday is what you remember yes love just wants to play
push that turquoise dream
push push that simple jade dreamy space ship of alphabet projection
gather the band for spring
i got a hip head band for 19 hundred and sixty free
and the drummer will set her where she wants to be
i am to blame with a glass half full
I saw you with a foot painted complete in variation of a thinking belief
please do not copy but think in the many ways
paste in your desire of food for thought
thought beauty dream
dream what they will never know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!