Saturday, September 27, 2008

Blue Thumb

It seems in a reoccurring moment, that there is a great idea that screams within our bursting reality----Its all foggy Grey matter taught in science class-- THE MIND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are all so absolutely correct and we start little wars to prove it is true. Taking us from our own very mind essence , is it really trying to say, " Perfect in own little purring beginning"? Sitting in her comfortable mind chair she kissed me and I accepted her child of thought. Took a focused journey in a old vehicle. collected emotions=^&*())_++$! My friends told me over and over again about a changing world. They the ones that the masses caress have not shaken my rotten hand. They have no understanding of our lovely struggles and sacrifices. I stumble to a love that has never been.. Drum on Lovely creature you know the klang. I am out!

I will give you the ugly, but for now I am truth attached to the EARTH

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